2020: A Marriage Autopsy

Okay. Gonna just DO THIS. After I email my daily work log, then take a shower, then a little mascara. And the hair. Gotta do something with the hair, and then I’m going to start this project. Because if I don’t…. if I don’t? If I don’t, then the exact same life that I’ve been living with the thousands of projects I’ve started and then stopped will continue as is, and I just don’t think I can take that any more. SOMETHING big is happening, and refusing to acknowledge that has placed me here. So? We shall see.

I need to get rid of “Boomer Judy.” I’m embarrassed. But maybe the struggle to remove that persona is part of what I need to be doing here? Ugh. Okay. First things first. Then, this. You’ll find a new vid here tomorrow. I’m committing to that. Just that.


YES, of COURSE it’s OBVIOUS… It suggests a willingness to move forward with enthusiasm in the face of MAJOR difficult life changes, and if it’s said that “puns always work,” we’ll see if that’s the case as we move forward…

“After TWENTY YEARS in a SHITTY MARRIAGE, it’s a whole new world for this Bewildered Bachelorette.”

There’s the tag: Suddenly Single Bewildered Bachelorette 

“Starved for male attention after a long, lackluster — ”  now wait a minute, at the end it didn’t lack luster at all, in fact, near the end is when all that hot, sexy stuff happened, and, in fact, there was a (you guessed it: alt. title):


It’s a cliche because it’s true: you can’t save a marriage with exotic, erotic adventures… but you sure can have a lotta fun!

red heels 2

Better Marriage = More Blow Jobs

Holding back her tears, Sharon’s voice quivered as she described the grouchy, snappy and absent behavior of her husband of 12 years, Bill. She was bewildered and scared, but mostly angry at the way his bellicose behavior shuts her up and shut him down, and scares their young daughter. He was now gone more often than home, and when he was home he isolated himself behind his laptop or in front of the TV. We sat, curled up like cats on my sofa, and I took a sip of wine.
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