Comments: [can ya guess whose?]
I’m sure y’all have a keen eye for when racism, sexism or homophobia shows up on a casting call, but you’re still deaf to one of the last allowed prejudices: ageism. This posting is blatantly stating that they don’t want their actor to sound “old.”

“[ CYBEX VO ] Our male or female voiceover talent will have a slight German accent to communicate the brand’s own heritage. The VO talent will be in their 40s or at least their voice should communicate that. This will help us get an authoritative and reassuring tone without skewing too old. Our voice references are those of Christoph Waltz, Daniel Brühl, or Diana Kruger. Please only authentic German or 1st gen German or spoken in household.”

Ironically, I have done v.o. work for both child and teen roles. YES, their product is for infant items, but the way they blatantly spell out their prejudice would be similar to saying, “We want someone who sounds like an African American, but not too much, because we don’t want to sound…” Do you get it? If so, what are you going to do about it? And what about the actors you chose for ALL your slate shot examples? Are under 30’s the only actors who spend money on your services? And who has more money to spend? Those who you are showing, or Boomers? Some thoughts to consider. Thanks.

Aren’t you DYING to know the editor’s response?

Tune in tomorrow, Boomers, for another thrilling episode of…


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